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Dataset Name Image Preview Download (Shape)
Land Application (LAP) LAP.jpg 15.3 MB
Land Zoning (LZN) LZN.jpg 41 MB 41 MB 41 MB 41 MB

Please note, you need to download all the above files and place them in ONE folder.  DO NOT RENAME file names.  Make sure you have 7-zip application available in your system. If you don’t have, please download from the web and install.  Now, right click on SILEP_LZN.001 file, then choose your application (7-zip)> click ‘Extract here..’ , it reads all related files automatically & extracts Shape files
Minimum Subdivision Lot Size (LSZ) LSZ.jpg 45.0 MB
Height of Buildings (HOB) HOB.jpg 17.2 MB
Floor Space Ratio (FSR) FSR.jpg 12.5 MB
Land Reservation Acquisition (LRA) LRA.jpg 0.8 MB
Heritage Conservation (HER) HER.jpg 9.9 MB


Dataset Name Image Preview Download (Shape)
SEPP 14 - Coastal wetlands protected areas SEPP14.jpg 3.9 MB
SEPP 26 - Littoral rainforest protected areas SEPP26.jpg 170 KB
SEPP 71 - Coastal protection SEPP71.jpg 4.7 MB
SEPP (Major Development) 2005 SEPP_md2005.png 'Data under review, please contact to latest data'


Dataset Name Image Preview Download
State Heritage Register - Centroids SHR_centroids.png 197 KB
State Heritage Register - Curtilages SHR_Curtilages.png 2.2 MB
Acid sulphate soils - Planning maps ASS_planning.jpg 37 MB
StrategicAgricultural Land - Biophysical Biophysical.jpg 9.1 MB
StrategicAgricultural Land –

Equine.jpg 0.5 MB
Strategic Agricultural Land - Viticulture Viticulture.jpg 0.3MB
Additional Rural Village Land Additional_Rural_Village_Land.jpg 13+ KB
Future Residential Growth Area FutureResidentialGrowthAreas.jpg 599+ KB